How to choose a golf ball?

Golf Ball

The golf ball is the only piece of equipment in your bag that you use on every shot, which is why it is essential to choose it well.

Specialists have proven that the choice of a golf ball model depends largely on the speed of the swing.

A beginner will not have the same swing speed as an experienced player and will not have the same expectations, especially in terms of trajectory and spin.

Playing with a golf ball that is adapted to your game will allow you to hit better shots and get better scores.

Depending on their design (number of layers, materials used, core compression, cover composition), each model has its own characteristics and advantages.

The different types of golf balls

Ideal for beginners/medium golfers, the “two-piece” golf balls, so called because they consist of two layers (a core and a cover), are known for their solidity, length, and attractive price.

However, they offer less spin on the greens. These balls will allow you to play many rounds without breaking the bank with their moderate price tag.

The three-piece golf balls will take a little more control (spin) off the greens while still offering some response on the big shots.

They are a great value for the money and are popular with amateur golfers.

Four and five-piece golf balls are very high-end balls, appreciated by very good players and professionals for their good length on the drive and their dream touch/control around the green.

Be careful not to choose these balls only for their “prestige”. An important swing speed will be necessary to feel all the advantages of these golf balls.

Once you have found the golf ball that meets your expectations, don’t change it anymore, it is one of the keys to consistency.